'That shouldn't BEE there!' Man in east India has insect hive stuck to his behind

An unusual video from east India caught the bizarre scene as a swarm of bees gathered upon a man’s behind.

The video, filmed on August 20 in Kohima, Nagaland, shows 25-year-old Velelhu standing on the stairs with the beehive crawling around on his jeans.

Velelhu is a driver who was on the way to a garage when a swarm of bees decided to make his crotch a resting place.

According to the filmer: "We were on the way to garage when their queen came flying to me to eventually rest on Velelhu's backside.

"Soon, scores of them joined her after struggling for a while he managed to grab the queen and tore her wings partially. He put her in a container and the rest of them soon flew into it.

"We were amused and lucky to capture the rare natural phenomenon."

The bees continued to swarm around their queen for another 30 minutes. For fear of attracting more of the insects to his backside, it was reported that Velelhu locked himself up in a car.