Showbiz quiz of the week: How much can you remember?

Albertina Lloyd
·Entertainment reporter, Yahoo UK
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Have you been following the headlines? (BBC/Getty)
Have you been following the headlines? (BBC/Getty)

Celebrities have been showing off their new haircuts and sharing their hangovers after socially distanced nights out in pub gardens on social media this week - just like many of us normal folk.

Katie Price has had plenty to celebrate, after announcing her seventh engagement and confirming she is taking part in Celebrity MasterChef.

Kate Garraway shared the uplifting news that husband Derek Draper is speaking more as he recovers from long-COVID, while Lizzo confessed she got drunk and sent an embarrassing DM to her favourite film star.

There was much sadness in the acting community following the announcement that Helen McCrory had died aged 52 after a private battle with cancer. The news came just one day before The Queen was pictured sitting alone at the funeral of her husband Prince Phillip, prompting celebrities such as Kylie Minogue and Liam Payne to pay their respects to the late Duke of Edinburgh.

But all Line Of Duty fans were thinking about was what happened to DI Kate Flemming after the shots were fired at the end of this week's cliff-hanger episode?!

Mother of God! Can you remember anything else from the world of showbiz after that shocker? Find out by taking our 10-question multiple-choice quiz...

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