Showbiz Quiz of the Week: How much can you remember?

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Showbiz Quiz of the Week: How much can you remember?

As months go, this January feels like it’s somehow been the longest on record but the end is finally in sight.

Thankfully, there have been plenty of showbiz updates to see us through the final week (and most of us got to enjoy some snow too, which is always fun).

The past seven days have thrown us an unexpected reality television exit, one incredibly bold tattoo choice and, of course, Piers Morgan has been in another Twitter row.

It hasn’t all been doom and gloom though as there have been plenty of moments worth celebrating. One of our favourite stars announced her pregnancy while another, who has graced the pages of tabloids for decades, showed a different side to herself in an enlightening BBC documentary. But how closely have you been paying attention? Which of these moments did you miss?

Put your knowledge to the test with Yahoo’s 10-question Showbiz Quiz of the Week.

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How much do you know about 1970s Britain?

How well do you know the UK’s drink-drive laws?

Can you name the pop group from just two members?

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