Showbiz Quiz of the Week: How much can you remember?

Have you been following the headlines closely? (Getty/HBO Max)
Have you been following the headlines closely? (Getty/HBO Max)

This week saw the next step in the UK's ease on lockdown restrictions - meaning people are allowed to hug again. Some celebrities couldn't wait to dash out and hug everyone they saw, while others admitted they had welcomed the excuse to get out of all the "Moi moi darling!" public displays of affection.

It all got a bit awkward on Good Morning Britain when Susanna Reid declined co-host Adil Ray's offer of a cuddle. It will be interesting to see if she embraces old pal Bill Turnbull when he returns to present the show next week...

Meanwhile, it was The One Everyone Had Been Waiting For when the cast of hit 90s sitcom Friends reunited after 17 years since the show ended. But after so long hoping it would happen, some fans were left disappointed, and were quick to point out what they felt was missing from the special.

The MTV Awards took place over two nights in the US - with some stars attending an actual awards ceremony while others joined by videolink. Scarlett Johansson was at home, but her husband went to the extreme to make sure she splashed out after scooping the prestigious Generation Award.

The Loose Women all posed in their underwear to raise awareness about the extremes of photo-editing on social media and Noel Gallagher revealed his least favourite Oasis song.

And lets not forget Holly Willoughby's gardening revelations that left the whole This Morning studio in hysterics.

Have you been embracing showbiz news this week, or is it as sketchy as Willoughby's horticultural knowledge? Test your memory of the latest celebrity gossip by taking this 10 question multiple choice quiz.

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