'I Showed My Dislike': Miriam Margolyes Recalls 1 Celebrity She Didn't Get On With On Graham Norton

Miriam Margolyes during her most recent Graham Norton appearance
Miriam Margolyes during her most recent Graham Norton appearance BBC One

Whenever Miriam Margolyes makes an appearance on Graham Norton’s talk show, you know you’re in for some big laughs, outrageous stories and unlikely celebrity link-ups you could never have dreamed up beforehand.

But Miriam has admitted there was one episode of Graham’s show she doesn’t have the best memories of.

A decade ago, in February 2014, Miriam shared the sofa with Mamma Mia! actor Dominic Cooper and chart-topping singer Lily Allen.

During an appearance at Hay Festival, The Independent reported that Miriam claimed Lily “thought when she was on the programme that it was all about her”.

Lily Allen
Lily Allen John Phillips via Getty Images

“She wasn’t friendly and I didn’t like that and so I showed my dislike,” the Bafta winner claimed.

Miriam admitted that her behaviour “wasn’t very nice” because Lily “was much younger than me”.

“I should have just taught her how to behave,” she added.

The former Call The Midwife star also accused Lily of not knowing who she was, although Miriam actually began their joint Graham Norton interview by admitting she’d never heard Lily’s music before.

“Darling, I’m 72, I don’t know about songs and singing, but I know you’re highly admired,” Miriam claimed at the time, before noting she’d seen fellow guest Dominic in The History Boys, but didn’t actually remember his performance.

When the host asked if she’d seen him in Mamma Mia!, she retorted: “That was a dreadful film – did you think that was a good film, actually?”

Elsewhere in the interview, Miriam also admonished Lily for interrupting one of her anecdotes (check out that moment at the 30:30 mark in the video below):