Shredding guitar kid steals the show at PyeongChang Closing Ceremony

The 2018 Olympics have unearthed plenty of hidden gems in the city of PyeongChang, South Korea, but none may be more awesome than this kid playing guitar at the Closing Ceremony.

For those interested in more details, his name is Yang Tae-hwan, he is 13 year olds and he’s probably better than you at guitar. A lot better.

Yang Tae-hwan was the breakout star of the PyeongChang Closing Ceremony. (Reuters)

Out of the stage he came and immediately started throwing down as a fleet of drones flew over the stadium, though that’s not all that happened. Dancers danced, some people dressed straight out of the movie Tron climbed toward the Olympic cauldron, a lady in a giant Korean dress walked around. It was something.

You can see Yang crushing another solo at only age 10 down below.

We’re not worthy.

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