‘Shut up and chant my name’: Noel Gallagher makes brazen return to UK stage

Lydia Hawken
Outspoken artist: Noel Gallagher teased adoring fans at his Brighton show: Mauricio Santana/Getty

Noel Gallagher’s devoted fans fell victim to the star’s infamously brash sense of humour at his sold-out Brighton gig.

The Mancunian star, 50, greeted fans at the first UK stop on his Who Built The Moon? tour by telling them to “shut up and chant my name.”

One member of the crowd was successful in his ploy to capture Gallagher’s attention and brandished a Manchester City football scarf above his head for the opening songs.

A life-long supporter of the club, Gallagher also had a banner in the team’s honour behind him on stage and once admitted to having “cried like a baby” when they won the Premier League.

In typical Gallagher style, the former Oasis star joked that the fan in question was a “Scouse c***” and asked where he got his teeth.

Over the course of his two-hour set list on Sunday night, Gallagher likened his impressive light installation to “f****** lazerquest” and devoted his latest single, She Taught Me How To Fly, to his wife of seven years, Sara MacDonald.

Currently touring with his band, Noel Gallagher’s High-Flying Birds, the musician also treated fans to a selection of Oasis hits.

“I take it there’s still Oasis fans left in this town,” Gallagher teased. “There’s always one or two. Well you’ve come to the right f****** concert.”

No stranger to controversy, Gallagher has a turbulent relationship with younger brother and former Oasis lead singer Liam. Most recently, Noel criticised artists who rely on an “army of songwriters” for chart success, in a thinly veiled dig at his brother.

The younger Gallagher brother re-ignited the feud last week by tweeting a screenshot of a text where he refers to Noel as an “ASTONISHING K***” without any explanation.

In a cornerstone of sibling rivalry, the two competing artists will both be headlining BBC Music’s The Biggest Weekend festival this summer.