Shut Muslim only schools and ban foreign imans, says Loose Women's Saira Khan

Saira Khan has called for a “no nonsense approach” to dealing with people who want to destroy the British way of life.

Saira has plans to tackle radicalism in the UK (ITV)

The Celebrity Big Brother star wants to see her fellow muslims protected from radicalism and has devised a 10-step plan to squash the rising tide of extremism in the UK.

Her proposals include having one mosque only per town, banning children from wearing headscarves and banning foreign imans from joining the boards of mosques.

‘Ensure every Imam in the local mosque is British Born,’ she wrote in the Daily Mirror newspaper.

Saira on Big Brother in 2016 (PA)

What’s more, Saira insists that Muslim TV channels on digital platforms that promote the oppression of women, rape and violence within the home, must be taken off air, and suggests religious education for youngsters, who are being taught the Quran, needs to be put into context.

‘I have seen children learning the Quran without being told what it means, or putting any of the text into a modern day context of the country they live in,’ she explained.

Saira stripped down for Loose Women’s photoshoot to promote body confidence, an action that would offend far right Muslims (ITV)

Saira believes it is only right that the UK should deport ‘all known terrorists who are not British Born’ back to their homelands.

While another ‘common sense’ proposal in her plan, published in the Daily Mirror newspaper, is to make Ofsted vet all mosques and ensure their reports are available to the public.

‘Again this is common sense, if our mainstream schools are inspected for standards to safeguard our children, so should religious after school clubs – why are we not protecting and safeguarding Muslim children in the same way?’ she reasoned.

Saira grills Nigel Farage on Loose Women (ITV)

A summary of Saira’s 10-step plan:

1) Ban single faith schools

2) Ban children under 13 wearing headscarves

3) Restrict construction of Mosques, ‘Bradford has more than 100 mosques’ she says.

4) Prevent foreign Imans from joining the boards of mosques.

5) Make Ofsted vet mosques to protect children from extremist preaching

6) Remove all unelected community leaders – only local MP and charities to represent community issues.

7) Deport known foreign terrorist suspects

8) Name and shame suspected terrorists in the UK

9) Ban segregation in universities and monitor religous societies

10) Expose any practises in muslim community (forced marriages, racism, homophobia) which ‘go against British values and way of life’

Do you agree with Saira’s proposals?


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