'Sibling Goals': Brother Lifts and Twirls Sister in Celebration After Her First Basketball Shot

A brother couldn’t hide his excitement as he lifted and twirled his sister after she scored her first basketball shot in Augusta, Georgia.

Jaclyn Vozniak, filmed a video that shows her son, Zeke, correcting his sister’s stance before the five-year-old shoots the ball into the basket, on October 12. Zeke jumps and lifts up his sister after she makes the shot.

Vozniak told Storyful that this was the first time her five-year-old daughter, Bahara, was able to score on an eight-feet basket.

“She was thrilled and her big brother was extremely happy for her! " Vozniak said, “Sibling goals indeed.” Credit: Jaclyn Vozniak via Storyful

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