Silence is golden on snowy days like these

It can be a period of rest where we stop, layer up and get outdoors with our friends

Snow is a bit like Marmite - you either love it or you hate it.

Me? I love it. Of course it helps that I'm a freelancer and the sum of my daily commute is around 30 seconds - and that's if I can be bothered to get out of bed (which, if any clients are reading, I can, always).

I try and feel sorry for those who hate the snow, and going from Twitter there are quite a lot of you. In fact, let's be honest, Twitter is THE place to be if you're not a fan of the snow. You can connect with other snow haters and gang up against those of us who just can't wait to build a snow man.

But come on. You have to admit - even if you're a snow-hater - that there's something, well, magical about the snow. That's right, magical. Sorry to go all Disney on you but there really is no other way to describe it. Everything looks so pretty and clean. It's hard not to look at it through romantic eyes. In fact it looks so beautiful out there in South Wales today that I'm considering campaigning for the whitewashing of all our buildings. I know we don't have the sunshine of our Mediterranean neighbours but wouldn't it look amazing if the walls looked this clean and bright all year around - are you with me?

The silence, that's the other thing that amazes me about the snow. Our ability in Britain to come to a complete stop because of a few icy flakes settling. Unfortunately, that's where being a homeworker doesn't quite pan out for me as there are no real good excuses for shirking work on snow days - you just have to do it. But the silence on the roads and on the streets is golden. Having lived by a motorway for the last 12 years I'm used to hearing the endless stream of cars and lorries go past my house. I can't begin to explain what a great sensation it was to hear it all stop and for everything to be quiet. Even if it was causing havoc to people who needed to travel.

Yes, the snow is a pain, things stop and we like to make it a pretty big deal - but maybe that's what we need every now and again. A period of rest where we stop, layer up and get outdoors with our friends, families and not to mention dogs. Snow brings about a great community spirit and evokes that child like spirit which sadly as adults we've had to leave behind.

Let me tell you why I was so excited to see this years generous helping of snow. Those who know me or who follow my blog will know that I'm a slave to my two dogs. Dogs love the snow, right? Well, that's the thing. I know Georgie my little West Highland Terrier loves the snow because she's been with us since she was a pup. We know she loves nothing more than shoveling the snow with her head (I'm guessing she's doing the dog version of snow angels) and bounding through the ice. But we had no idea whether Scooby our Carin Terrier would love the snow as he's never seen it. Or least, I hadn't seen him see it - if that makes sense? We "adopted" Scoobs in July 2011, he didn't have much fur, he smelt quite bad and had a few health issues. Eighteen months on he's quite the looker, smells gorgeous (still a bit doggy but we can look past that) and is *touch wood* a healthy pooch.

But he still hadn't seen the snow!

I woke up with a feeling of excitement on Friday morning and pulled the blind up to see the blanket of white that adorned the garden. Unfortunately, Scooby - being the lazy hound that he is - was still sleeping, so I waited for all of five minutes before luring him out of bed with the promise of a tin of meat. I then threw the back door open to unveil own winter wonderland.

Thing is... the dog didn't really like the snow. He walked in it, peed on it and signalled it wasn't really his thing by unceremoniously barging open the door and letting himself back in the house.

Not quite what I had hoped.