Silent Witness viewers left divided over storyline in new episode

Silent Witness continued its run of new episodes on Monday evening but it seems fans were left divided by the storyline behind the seventh instalment, titled Heart of Darkness.

The two-part story focuses on the murder of a local mayor as well as a train that was hijacked. The synopsis reads: "Levelling-up leaders and environmental activists clash in a small town trying to look to the future. With a sabotaged train and a dead mayor, the activists become suspects."

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However, fans took to social media to share their thoughts on the plot and some were unimpressed with the story, with some branding it unrealistic. One tweeted: "@BBC what's happened to #SilentWitness Is there a new writer? So disappointed. Usually love it! But extremely stupid stories so far! #gutted."

A second agreed, writing: "Anyone else unable to follow what is going on in #SilentWitness?" As a third added: "#SilentWitness @BBC so disappointed. Every series gets worse. And why bring in new characters with poor scripts, terrible acting and no real reason for them to be there?"

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David Caves looks out of train on Silent Witness
David Caves looks out of train on Silent Witness

Did you watch episode seven?

Others, meanwhile, were more supportive of the new episode. "I don't understand everyone spending the whole episode complaining how bad it is. Just turn off and not watch and let fans enjoy it #SilentWitness," said one fan.

Another agreed, adding: "Well, I enjoyed it. I wish Clarissa and Leo were still in it too but things and people move on. There's nothing wrong with making a political point. #SilentWitness."

Jemma Redgrave stands next to armed officer in Silent Witness
Jemma Redgrave stands next to armed officer in Silent Witness

Fans were divided by the plot in Heart of Darkness

The second half of the story will air on Tuesday at 9 pm on BBC One for those who are wanting to see the mystery solved. The synopsis for the second part explains: "The Lyell team return to the crime scene as another victim is in peril.

"Family ties are tested to their limits as they reveal the dark secrets that led to the tunnel collapse, and Jack is put in a difficult position when a blast from the past comes to visit."

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