Silicon Valley showrunner explains why we’ll never see Pied Piper succeed

Gregory Wakeman
Mike Judge talks Silicon Valley's fourth season [Image via HBO]

‘Silicon Valley’ finally returns for its fourth season this week, but those of you expecting it to depict the raging success of Pied Piper are going to be severely disappointed.

That’s because its showrunner and creator Mike Judge has revealed that while Richard Hendricks (Thomas Middleditch), Erlich Bachman (T.J. Miller), and their loyal posse of tech whizz kids will “make some strides” over the forthcoming episodes, he is likely to stop short of making them uber rich and successful, because he believes that will make audiences stop caring as much about them.

“If they suddenly succeed and they’re all billionaires, you might not care about them as much,” Mike Judge admitted. “If they’re complaining about something you might just go, ‘Oh, you’re a billionaire, stop complaining.’ But at the same time we can’t keep kicking them down every episode.”

But if we’re not going to see Pied Piper triumph in the very near future what can we expect from ‘Silicon Valley’ in its fourth season? Mike Judge also kindly opened up to The Hollywood Reporter about the upcoming new episodes of the show, surprisingly revealing that it will even include some sex and violence.

“There’s a little bit of violence. I know we’re a show with no sex or violence but we’re going to break the rules a little bit this season. There’s also going to be some sex, and neither participant is a horse this time,” Mike Judge explained, making reference to the third season episode where Richard chatted to his new CEO Jack Barker (Stephen Tobolowsky) at the exact same time he was breeding horses.

We’ll be able to see which member of Pied Piper actually gets to have sex, and which one becomes embroiled in violence, when the new season of ‘Silicon Valley’ premieres on Monday April 24 at 10:10 pm on Sky Atlantic.