Simon Cowell pulls a horrifying prank on Sofia Vergara on 'AGT'

On America's Got Talent Tuesday night, Simon Cowell and Sofia Vergara's participation in the last audition of the night went horrifyingly wrong, when Simon was left gasping on the stage floor with an arrow piercing his chest.

Comedy-danger daredevils AmberLynn and Ryan Stock originally appeared on AGT during Season 11, and their act became one of the most shocking moments in the show's history, when AmberLynn accidentally shot a flaming arrow into Ryan's neck. So, it was understandable when Simon was a little skeptical to be a part of their act Tuesday.

"I’m not ‘chicken.’ I just value my life and, with respect, you are the last two I want doing anything to me," said Simon.

However, it was when Sofia was blindfolded that the audience and other judges found out that it was all a prank planned by Simon to totally mess with Sofia.

As soon as Sofia was properly blindfolded, Simon stuck a fake prop arrow onto his chest and took his position on the stage floor. When Sofia pulled the trigger and subsequently heard the audience’s blood-curdling screams of horror, she whipped off her blindfold to see Simon sprawled on his back with an arrow sticking out of his body, looking like he’d been struck.

Eventually, Simon screamed, "I gotcha," to Sofia, but the actress didn't seem that amused. In fact, she even had a warning for Simon.

“You know I’m Colombian, and you know we take revenge,” stated Sofia.

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