Simon Cowell's 'feud' with BGT judge Bruno Tonioli grows as fans spot new sign

simon cowell
-Credit: (Image: ITV)

Simon Cowell's unexpected absence during a Good Morning Britain interview sparked rumours of a "feud" among the Britain's Got Talent judges, particularly with newcomer Bruno Tonioli.

As Simon was mysteriously missing from the conversation, presenter Richard Arnold quipped about the "awkward" situation, while Amanda Holden cheekily suggested he was away getting a massage, reports the Mirror.

Bruno, played along, adding, "Then there's aromatherapy," his comment standing out against the usual suit-and-tie banter. The incident follows speculation over a possible clash between him and the ex-Strictly Come Dancing judge.

During Tuesday night's live semi-final, the tension seemed to rise after Ace Clvrk performed when Alesha Dixon and Amanda gave a standing ovation.

Bruno cautiously praised: "You took a huge, huge risk tonight. That was a very, very difficult song to do," despite audible boos from the audience. "You were clever enough to use your middle range, which is where you are strong at. You made it work for you. So you succeeded."

Simon, visibly puzzled, probed: "Bruno, when you said it was a risk, what did you mean?" Bruno explained: "It's a female song and it changes tonality." As he tried to elaborate on the technical challenges, an impatient Simon interjected, bluntly stating: "I don't understand what you are saying."

Alesha, Amanda and Bruno sitting down for an interview with Richard Arnold
The judges appeared on GMB together, although Simon was notably absent -Credit:ITV

Although they seemed to "laugh it off" on screen, viewers on social media were quick to speculate about a possible spat between the two. One viewer commented: "Simon was so rude to Bruno then, he might be annoying but no reason to talk to him like that."

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Another weighed in: "Simon Cowell, who's been judging singers for most of his career, is lost when Bruno, a dancer, gives sound technical advice on vocals." A third remarked: "Simon absolutely SHUTTING Bruno down!" while another user felt it was "uncalled for."

Regrettably, Ace didn't make it through to Sunday night's final. Jack Rhodes won over the public in Tuesday night's heat, securing his spot in the grand finale. The judges chose to save double-dutch group Haribow after a difficult decision between them and Ravi's Dream Team Choir.

They will join Abigail and Afronitaaa, Northants Sings Out, Innocent Masuku, the Ssaulabi Performance Troupe, Sydnie Christmas, and Mike Woodhams in the live final. The last two acts will be selected in the final semi-final set to air on Friday 31st May.

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