Simon Grix's Hull FC victory declaration as side build needed confidence

Simon Grix believes his Hull FC side are building in confidence with the interim head coach declaring that they will 'win at some point' as they approach the second half of the Super League season.

Set for a round 13 meet at Huddersfield Giants this Friday night, the Black and Whites are determined to end their 10-game losing streak, with Grix adamant that a victory will come so long as his Hull players keep on beliving, working hard, and looking to improve.

Speaking in his pre-match press conference, Grix said: "The aim is to keep trying to get better. It's been tough so far, but there's no magic wand. It isn't going to change overnight, drastically, but we're trying to make small changes that are going to help us.

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"We're trying to lift the lads and we've done that this week, and although we lost at Cas the other night, there was progress in certain areas of the game. Some of our lads probably surprised themselves that they are actually decent players.

"They've just got to pull it out a lot more often, but confidence is a funny thing. It's in the wind sometimes, but we've just got to keep building, learning, and working hard. It will come back to us."

Grix continued: "They (Huddersfield) will also see us as an opportunity to get their own confidence back. That feels horrible to say that, but that's the fact at the moment. On the flip side of that, it's double-edged, and they'll be slightly weary because we are going to win at some point.

"They've made changes as well, and off the back of losing a pretty big game, often there's a bit of drama about that. It's often more outside than it is between the four walls of Huddersfield. We'll let them worry about them, and we'll worry about us. We need to get our house in order before we start thinking about anyone else."

Cutting a calm figure, Grix is relaxed about the situation as he prepares for his sixth game in charge, knowing full well that the only way Hull get out of their current situation is by sticking together.

"We're staying pretty stoic with it all," Grix added. "We've got a long season ahead of us, and we've got plenty of loses under our belt. If we start kicking stones and getting after each other, it's really not helpful.

"The lads know that they are not performing to the level they are capable of. They know they are hurting themselves. We highlight it, and the video aftermath doesn't tell any lies. We're honest about what we've done, but kicking everyone when they are down is not the answer.

"We have been pretty tight through this. We've got an expectant fan base with a rich history. We're not where we want to be and it's been tough, but we are going to get better."

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