The Simpsons fans praise ‘outrageous’ Succession parody in latest episode

Succession fans have reacted in delight after the hit HBO drama was parodied at length on The Simpsons last night (15 May).

The long-running cartoon’s season 33 episode “Meat is Murder” also featured a guest appearance from Nicolas Braun, who plays “Cousin Greg” on Succession.

In the episode, John Lithgow voices a character called Augustus Redfield, the billionaire chairman of RedStar Corporation – a clear parody of Succession’s Logan Roy (Brian Cox) and his company, WayStar RoyCo.

Other Succession characters are depicted in the episode, with one scene even featuring a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it kiss between characters designed to look like Roman (Kieran Culkin) and Gerri (J Smith-Cameron).

Fans shared their thoughts about the episode on social media.

“STOPPPP the Succession Simpsons ep is so outrageous,” one person wrote.

“This was a great episode Simpsons take on Succession,” wrote another.

The Simpsons making fun of @succession tonight and it’s spot on,” someone else tweeted.

“Can’t believe we get a RomanGerri kiss in The Simpsons before we get a Succession one,” wrote one viewer. “Someone make it canon please.”

While the episode has not aired yet in the UK, it will be available in the near future on Disney Plus.