Sinead O’Connor admitted to hospital just days after son’s death

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Sinead O’Connor pictured in 2011 (Getty Images)
Sinead O’Connor pictured in 2011 (Getty Images)

Sinead O’Connor has been admitted to hospital just days after the death of her teenage son.

The singer revealed she was being escorted to hospital by police in a series of heart-breaking Twitter posts on Thursday night.

O’Connor, 55, said she feels “lost” and “hates” herself following the loss of her son Shane.

Following a series of tweets in which she blamed herself for the tragic loss, she apologised for the outburst and said she was on her way to the hospital.

She wrote: “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that. I am with cops now on way to hospital.

“I’m sorry I upset everyone. I am lost without my kid and hate myself. Hospital will help a while.”

Officers recovered Shane’s body in the Bray area of Wicklow last Friday following a huge police search.

O’Connor later condemned the Irish state, child and family agency Tusla and Tallaght Hospital in a series of tweets posted on Saturday.

“I have now formally identified the remains of my son, Shane. May God forgive the Irish State for I never will,” she wrote.

She added: “26 hours after my son died in the so called care of the Irish State in the form of Tusla, I have yet to receive any contact from Tusla or their representatives. I was informed by Gardai of my son’s death and later I spoke with the GAL. No contact from Tusla is unacceptable.”

However, she then apologised for “lashing out”.

She wrote: “Ok, I’m gonna do the right thing here and apologise for my lashing out. Tusla are working with very limited resources.

“They loved Shane. They are broken hearted. They are human. I am sorry I have upset them. We are a third world country. It’s not their fault.”

She added: “The issue is... We are a third world country. We have 12 beds in special care for suicidal teenagers. And no resources to save those who can’t manage life. 128 icu beds in the whole country.

Shane had been reported missing two days before his death.

O’Connor had previously said he was “on suicide watch” at the Tallaght Hospital.

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