Sinead O’Connor says she had an ‘affair’ with a 47-year-old Baptist minister when she was a teenager

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<p>Sinead O’Connor performing in 2012</p> (AFP via Getty Images)

Sinead O’Connor performing in 2012

(AFP via Getty Images)

Sinead O’Connor has revealed that she once had an affair with a married Christian minister.

The Irish singer-songwriter discussed the affair in her new memoir, Rememberings.

When O’Connor was 18, she was introduced to a 47-year-old minister of a London Baptist church, and began seeing him romantically.

“We had somewhat of an affair,” she wrote.

“The minister had convinced me (since I was young and an idiot) that his wife didn’t understand him. I was his true love and all that stuff.

“After a while I realised I was being duped for the shtup. Sitting by myself until our weekly hour-long visit, not going out with anyone else, I was like Whitney bloomin’ Houston, saving all my love, like a total moron.”

O’Connor claimed that she stopped seeing the minister after suffering a car crash. Upon calling the minister, she was told he wouldn’t come and get her because he didn’t want them to be seen together.

Elsewhere in Rememberings, O’Connor wrote candidly about her fling with musician Peter Gabriel, and claimed that she was encouraged to get an abortion by a record label executive.

Rememberings is published by Sandycove and will be available in hardback from 1 June.

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