Singapore Airlines to offer compensation after pensioner dies onboard aircraft

An Airbus A350-941 from Singapore Airlines is preparing to take off on the runway at Barcelona-El Prat Airport in Barcelona
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Singapore Airlines is offering compensation to passengers on a flight so turbulent that a man died. Flight SQ 321 encountered turbulence as it flew over Myanmar, causing it to divert to Thailand in May, injuring several others in the process.

The airline now says it will now cough up £7,800 to those who suffered minor injuries. There will also be "an advance payment of $25,000 [£19,646.50] to address their immediate needs" and talks to cater to "their specific circumstances".

It also offered the equivalent of £580 to pay for immediate expenses for all passengers, as well as exploring options to fly loved ones to Bangkok where possible.

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The route of the Singapore Airlines flight which was diverted due to extreme turbulence -Credit:PA

It is not known exactly how many people are entitled to the cash injection, but over 100 people were treated in hospital following the horror flight. Records show the plane dropped 54 metres in 4.6 seconds.

Shaken flyers shared how passengers and cabin crew who didn’t have their seat belts on were flung into the air. Injuries included those to a spinal cord, head, and muscle injuries, according to a hospital in Bangkok, reports The BBC.

The flight had 211 passengers and 18 crewmembers. Under international law, an airline is to offer compensation when passengers are injured or die aboard on aircraft.

Geoff Kitchen
Geoffrey Kitchen is the pensioner who died onboard the Singapore Airlines flight -Credit:Facebook/Geoff Kitchen

The man who died on the plane was 73-year-old Geoff Kitchen. At the time, Geoff’s cousin Stephen said: "We were a bit shocked, I still am. I'm trying to touch base with Linda. I sent a message."

"They were looking forward to the holiday. They are travellers, they do quite a lot of these things, quite adventurous. It was sort of going to be their last big holiday. It would have been nice to see them before they went. It was a tour around Asia."

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