Sinitta claims she was sexually assaulted by six men in the music industry


Former pop star and TV presenter Sinitta says she was sexually assaulted by six music industry men during her career.

With the #MeToo movement giving women the globe over the confidence to come forward and share their stories of sexual harassment and assault, the So Macho singer gave details on her time growing up in the industry.

Speaking to the Mirror, Sinitta, 54, made the shocking revelations that six separate men assaulted her, with one of them being a well-known singer she admired.

‘I was afraid to speak out as I didn’t want to end up in somebody’s car boot,’ Sinitta said, after having confided in close friend and former partner Simon Cowell. ‘These men are all powerful people.’

She revealed why she was speaking up now, in a time where women are finally given the courage and platform to do so: ‘I’m talking now as I don’t want any more girls and women in the industry to have to go through what I did.’

Cowell, 58, once told an attacker at his home on the French Riviera to ‘keep his f*cking hands off,’ when he learned that she’d fought off an attacker in his own home.

In the 1990s, a senior music figure tried to force her to perform a sex act on her in the singer’s own home: ‘I remember being sat down and he was stood up. He started to unzip his trousers and exposed his manhood.

‘He grabbed the back of my head and tried to force me towards him.

‘I pushed him away and told him my mother would be arriving soon, which was a lie. He eventually left. I felt traumatised.

‘I initially thought he wanted to help with my career. But, as I found later on, people always wanted more.’

In 1985, Sinitta was attacked at a party – also attended by Cowell.

‘An artist grabbed me up. He was a big star I had watched since I was tiny,’ she said.

‘I was coming out of the toilet and he was going in. He pushed me into a corner and touched me up. He tried to put his tongue down my throat. I froze.

‘It was horrible. I stumbled down the stairs and told Simon. Simon went off at him. When he loses his temper it’s quite scary as you’re not used to it.’


She also claims that two West End stars assaulted her, but finds it too hard to talk about, before recalling the last assault – which was just two years ago – at the hands of a wealthy male.

However, Sinitta admits she was and still is afraid to go to police, fearing that she will have to relive the assaults in detail in a court of law: ‘I don’t need favours for fav­ours. If it takes longer to get to it, so be it,’ she says, as she contemplates reporting it all through official channels and naming the men.

‘I’ve carried the shame and guilt, I’m talking about it now so the people who attacked me recognise who they are from my stories.

‘I want them to realise they may get caught. You could tell it wasn’t the first time they’d done this.’

The ’80s icon spoke frankly about the dangers of fame: ‘People nowadays want to be famous… to be reality stars. It’s easier to be taken advantage of.

‘I’d encourage anyone going through a similar ordeal to me to speak to a relative, pal or charity like Mind for support.’

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