Sir David Attenborough says BBC wrong to sack Clarkson

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    If we are looking for people who are wiser than we are the last place to start is parliament.All mp's are guided by civil servants and there departments.Democracy is about people having the right to decide and that is what they have done.For or against abide by the decision.
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    Clarkson had gotten too big for his boots and had to go.
    Attenborough will be pushing up the daisies soon so that will be another backward thinking remoaner gotten rid of.
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    I agree with Sir Dave it was a politically correct reason pity they did and do not think sexual abuse and pedophilic behaviour is as bad
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    Why worry about Jeremy when he got sacked he got millions not like a working class person who has to go to the social security for help .
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    how odd.!!..its ok for you too have opinions but we aren't worthy of a vote on a corrupt E.U ..your right that the BBC is so poor quality these days, but you don't have the right to say we're "not wise enough to vote on the E.U "...the E.U is corrupt and the BBC is just poorly managed....