Sir David Attenborough says BBC wrong to sack Clarkson

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    The old Top Gear was the last you'll ever see of a "lads" tv programme (although loads of women used to enjoy it too). The BBC are so obsessed with putting ticks on the inclusivity checklists, "entertainment" value has become much less of a priority to them it seems. Case in point, the new format of Top Gear, token black man TICK, token woman TICK, nothing edgy so as not to upset anyone TICK... yaaaaawn. The BBC is all cakes and queers nowadays.
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    Kate Middleton voted for Brexit.
    She thought it was a Breakfast cereal containing laxatives.
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    Herr Hilter
    This old fool talks about the UK democracy and is too stupid to realise what we had with the stinking corrupt EUSSR was nothing but communism by stealth, he should stick to talking to plants.
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    Ignore how popular he or his program was, he assaulted someone whilst doing his job, if i punched someone at my work then i would be fired immediately, it was the correct decision to fire him
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    Best program ever to grace our screens but does not conform BBC standards.
    The BBC immediately replaced the old line up with: an American, a German, an Irishman, an Ethnic and worst of all a Ginger.
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    I, like everyone else on the planet (except for Herr Hitler below, who is obviously a moron), very much like David Attenborough. However, in two points in this interview, I believe he is wrong. You cannot go around slugging underlings at your place of work with impunity - no matter your popularity or the size of your ego. Instant dismissal, no question, at any place of work. Secondly, although I agree that we should not be governed by referendum, I'm afraid there is no democracy in Parliament, and there will not be until our elections are run under proportional representation. Maybe then, the millions who voted against the Establishment in the Brexit referendum, would have had no need to do so.
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    In any job using wholeness is an instant dissmisal offence the fat man used violence against another employee hence the dissmisal, he was lucky, he could have been in court for assault which I believe he should have been, he's just a fat yob who has been overpaid for using his big mouth for too long, and as for Attenborough on the day he comes out with this drivel he also says that the electorate should not have been given a referendum because we are not wise enough, at least we are wise enough not to bite the hand that feeds us, he should remember that we the licence payers enable him to live his jet set lifestyle
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    Dandy in the Underworld
    The Black Broadcasting Corporation as it is now known, will in a few more years totally ban any White people from appearing. Just like the English Government is trying to oust all English people in favour of Non Whites.
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    Ian slap
    If we are looking for people who are wiser than we are the last place to start is parliament.All mp's are guided by civil servants and there departments.Democracy is about people having the right to decide and that is what they have done.For or against abide by the decision.
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    One of the things we most cherish in the West is the idea of democracy - funny how we get so very little of it and when we do someone tells us to leave it to our betters.