Sir David Attenborough's film crew left terrified by shark attack

Sir David Attenborough's crew were terrified credit:Bang Showbiz
Sir David Attenborough's crew were terrified credit:Bang Showbiz

Sir David Attenborough's crew feared for their lives when their boats were attacked by sharks.

The 'Our Planet II' film crew were in blow-up boats on a six-day trip to an island north of Hawaii shooting footage of a Laysan albatross' maiden flight when they had to make an emergency rush towards dry land.

The show's producer Huw Cordey told The Sun newspaper's TVBiz column: "The original idea was to do an underwater shoot with the tiger sharks waiting in the shallows at Laysan.

"But the first day the tiger sharks were around, the crew got into these inflatable boats – and two sharks attacked them.

"It was like something out of 'Jaws.' "

He revealed that everyone "panicked" and had to effectively make "an emergency landing", and they didn't manage to get certain shots for the four-episode documentary series.

He added: “The crew panicked and basically made an emergency landing on the sand.

"Suffice to say, they didn’t get any underwater shots.”

Legendary broadcaster Sir David, 97, is narrating the new show - which is now available to stream on Netflix - and he's been keeping busy with plenty of projects, including recent Apple TV+ series 'Prehistoric Planet 2'.

Meanwhile, the show's co-producer Mike Gunton previously reflected on the presenter's longevity.

He told the Radio Times magazine: "When I arrived at the BBC, the head of department said, 'It's lovely this project is under way, and it's really important because this is David's last series. We now need to be thinking about who's going to take over from him.'

"That was in 1987. If I had a pound for every time somebody said, 'This is probably going to be David's last series', I'd be a very rich man."

And the TV icon previously vowed to continue informing and entertaining the masses with his fun facts for years to come.

Sir David told The Sun newspaper: "How long do I plan to keep going? As long as I'm vertical and people ask me to do it.

"It's a marvellous time, why would I suddenly say, 'Don't bother'?"