Sir Elton John Named The UK's Most Charitable Celebrity

Sir Elton John has been left bursting with pride after it was revealed that he is the UK’s most charitable celeb having donated £26.8million to good causes last year, mostly through his AIDS foundation.

Sharing a screenshot of his huge achievement, Elton graciously accepted the title as he wrote: “I’ve been fortunate enough to have received a few accolades in my life.

"This type of recognition makes me most proud. Huge thanks to everyone at @EJAF for all their hard work and dedication. And thanks to all the people who support David and I in all our charitable endeavours.”

No, Elton, thank you.

The Sunday Times newspaper’s Charitable Giving List also featured stars such as One Direction and David Beckham, with author J.K. Rowling coming in second place due to her Lumos Foundation and the Volant Charitable Trust, with the star giving £10.3million in total.

Beckham has donated £5million to children’s charities in the past year and finance expert Martin Lewis followed closely behind, with Coldplay nabbing the fifth spot for donating £1.7million.

Not including the celebs, the Sainsbury family topped the Most Charitable list for the third year in a row - donating a whopping £220million to charity, which is equivalent to 40% of their wealth.

Taste the difference indeed….

The Sunday Times’ Charitable Giving List: Top 10 Celebrity Donors:

1. Elton John - £26.8m

2. J.K. Rowling - £10.3m

3. David Beckham - £5.0m

4. Martin Lewis - £2.5m

5. Coldplay - £1.7m

6. Ringo Starr - £1.6m

7. Jamie Oliver - £1.4m

8. Rory McIlroy - £1.0m

9. Colin Montgomerie - £0.9m

10 = One Direction - £0.8m

10 = Brian May/ Roger Taylor - £0.8m