Sir Ian McKellen rushed to hospital

Sir Ian McKellen has been rushed to hospital after falling off the stage.

The 85-year-old was performing a fight scene when he lost his balance and tumbled off the stage.

The accident happened during the Player Kings show at the Noël Coward theatre. The audience reportedly heard him cry out in pain as staff rushed to help him, and the house lights came up.

Audience members were evacuated from the theatre and were told the rest of the show was cancelled.

It's not yet known how badly hurt he is.

Player Kings started its run in April and was due to be in the theatre for 12 weeks. It's a production of Henry IV, Parts One and Two.

Sir Ian plays John Falstaff in the play and was circling a battle scene involving the Prince of Wales and Henry Percy, when he fell.

The actor recently spoke about how he'd be open to resuming his role as Gandalf in Lord of the Rings.

He told The Times about recent "stirrings in Tolkien land" and teased, "I haven't shaved in months."

He then added, "There is no script, there is no offer, there is no plan," but when asked if he would be interested in returning, he said, "If I'm alive."