Sir Rod Stewart’s Personal Trainer On The ‘Crazy’ Pool Workouts That Keep The Rock Star in Shape

rod stewart performs at the ovo hydro
Rod Stewart’s PT Shares Rock Star's Pool WorkoutsRoberto Ricciuti - Getty Images

Despite turning 78 last month, legendary British rock and pop singer Sir Rod Stewart is still touring as if it’s the 80s, entertaining fans with his signature raspy vocals and energetic performances.

Tasked with keeping Stewart in shape for the past 23 years, his personal trainer, Gary O’Connor, recently revealed to the one of the ‘crazy’ pool workouts that has kept the rock star in shape throughout his lengthy career.

‘We don’t do normal swimming,’ said O’Connor, ‘we do crazy swimming. We have obstacles and he’s the kind of guy that says ‘time me’ and then tries to beat that time.

‘We do some amazing pool workouts which aren’t just swimming up and down, they’re almost military-type workouts. Retrieving bricks from the bottom of the pool, tread water holding a brick above your head.’

Despite Stewart’s unusual methods for keeping fit, all of his workouts abide by O’Connor’s three rules for exercising: ‘You have to look at what’s attainable and what is repeatable. In other words, it has to be something that you can do on a regular basis, and it’s got to be relevant to your lifestyle.’

Commenting on his time working as Stewart's personal trainer, O’Connor continued: ‘He’s not someone who just stands in the middle of the stage. He’s a bit like Mick Jagger, the fittest of their age group in entertainment.’

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