'My sister is demanding I change my daughter's name - just so she can use it in the future'

The two sisters were at war after the baby naming debacle
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A woman has shared how a quarrel over her selection of baby name has led to an unending family dispute. Apparently, she has decided to stand firm on the issue, while her sister demanded that she alter the name of her newborn daughter so she could use it for her future daughter.

Despite praising her sisters overall supportive behaviour, she refused to grant her sister's wish. In a statement made in The Mirror US, the woman revealed: "If I had known about Wren being her girl name choice before my boyfriend and I chose it, I would have never considered it. But we didn't know and fell in love with the name and grew attached to the name. We even announced it to some people."

Regardless of refusing to give in, the conflict caused her stress and guilt, stating, "My sister is going through so much and I don't want to be part of the reason she loses hope or grows more depressed over her infertility."

She took to Reddit to seek public advice and admitted feeling guilty about the situation.

Many readers sympathised with her, commenting: "It's understandable to want to avoid hurting your sister, but it's your baby and your choice. It's okay to stand your ground on the name you and your boyfriend love.", reports the Mirror.

Another concurred, remarking: "I understand your sister's heartbreak however she might be blessed with a son and never have a daughter, and never use the name, so you could forever regret not using a name that you love so much."

One reader pointed out that the issue may become trivial if her sister eventually has a child: "I'm sure if and when your sister does carry a pregnancy, all of this won't matter. It probably seems much bigger to her right now as she desperately wants what you have and now (accidentally) the name too. If it happened, I'm sure the name would shrink compared to her joy."

Another shared their empathy but noted the complexity of emotions involved: "I can understand your sister's pain. It's like a double punch to the gut; you get pregnant so easily, and then inadvertently choose her 'dream baby name'. She probably mourns the name and has to face the possibility of never getting pregnant. In short, the name triggers her."

They added a suggestion for understanding: "I would try to offer grace and compassion."