Sister of famous Hollywood star Liam Neeson spotted in Blue Lights series two

-Credit: (Image: BBC)
-Credit: (Image: BBC)

The sister of one of Northern Ireland's most famous actors has been spotted shining in her own right.

Liam Neeson may be one of the biggest talents to come from Northern Ireland, but his sister Rosaleen could be giving him a run for his money after she appeared in an episode of cop drama Blue Lights.

Filmed and set in Northern Ireland, Blue Lights has become one of the most talked about TV series of the year - with BBC commissioning it for two further series.

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In episode four of Blue Lights 2, titled 'Where I Want to Be', Neeson's sister can be spotted as an extra sitting at a bus stop when Sandra and Aisiling arrest Kieth Wylie after attacking Tommy in the night club.

Rosaleen is minding her own business when Wylie makes a racist comment to Andi Osho's character Sandra as she detains him.

After giving him a taste of his own medicine and telling him "now you can spend the next 10 years in prison thinking exactly about who kicked your f****** arse".

Rosaleen's character pipes in as he's escorted to the police car saying: "Now, see? That's what you get for being a racist f****** pr***!"

Stealing the scene for only having a small part in the episode, it is clear that Liam is not the only one with acting chops in the talented family.

Born and raised in Ballymena, Liam is the only son of the late Kitty and Barney Neeson and has two other sisters aside from Rosaleen - Elizabeth and Bernadette.

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