'My sister's baby name choice is bizarre – I thought it was prank but it's serious'

Mum with baby
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While it's generally considered bad form to judge parents on their baby name choices, some monikers are just too peculiar to ignore.

When it comes to naming a baby, the world is your oyster. Whether you're drawn to classic and timeless names or fancy something a bit more unique, there's no right or wrong choice for your child's moniker.

However, if you opt for something incredibly outlandish, be prepared for raised eyebrows and criticism.

One expectant mum left her sister utterly stunned with the name she's picked for her son, as the name was so unusual that her sibling initially thought she was pulling her leg.

In a Reddit post, the woman explained her sister has had a fascination with marine life since childhood, and always dreamt of giving her child a sea-themed name when the time came.

While there are plenty of distinctive nautical names to choose from - such as Ocean, Marina, Coral, and Finn - this mum-to-be has decided to name her son after a fish. Specifically, the seabass.

The woman's sister shared: "She said she settled on the name 'Seabass', yes, the fish. I am not making this up, I truly wish I was. She's always been a playful person so I truly thought she was joking but she said she really loved it."

The expectant mum - who is currently seven months pregnant - has even purchased custom name signs and a monogrammed blanket with 'Seabass' emblazoned on them, proving she's serious about the unconventional name.

"I told her that I really don't think this is a good choice, tried to give her other nature or ocean names, and even asked if she could use the name Sebastian," the soon-to-be aunt continued: "But she wasn't having it and said 'This name feels right for him'. I know he's not my child, and so I'm trying to respect her choice."

The post prompted comments from others who were shocked by the mother's choice of name. Some commenters suggested that Seabass would be a cute nickname for a boy named Sebastian, but wouldn't consider it suitable as a formal name.

One person commented: "Oh, good grief. We know a little guy called Sebastian who gets called Seabass by his family, but it's not like it's his actual name!"

Another added: "I actually can't think of a way to respond to this in a nice way... I am genuinely flabbergasted."