Sisters covered in their dads ashes as their peaceful send off backfires

A video of two sisters scattering their dads ashes has gone viral, after a strong gust wind swept the ashes back into the girls' faces. 28 year old Belle Henry uploaded the video of her 22 year old sister, Tyla Halls, scattering her fathers ashes behind Capstone Hill in North Devon. The moment their dad's ashes were inhaled by Tyla was captured on camera as she shouts "he went in my mouth!" The video received many laughs and jokes in the comments. The family lost their father Mark Halls at the age of 47, as he passed suddenly on the 21st of October 2020. Belle posted the TikTok to commemorate the one-year anniversary of their fathers death. "The video sums him up," says Belle. "He was brilliant, had a sense of humour, he was so funny. A proper daddy bear." Belle, an NHS worker, said the day they scattered their dads ashes was an "emotional day". "When the accident with the ashes happened it helped lighten the mood and we both walked away laughing." Filmed on 23rd October 2021

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