Sites Fire Burns More Than 10,000 Acres in Colusa County

A Red Flag Warning was issued for areas of Colusa County, California, as the Sites Fire grew to more than 10,000 acres by Tuesday, June 18.

Aerial footage provided by Cal Fire LNU shows the blaze at Gravelly Flat.

The fire was being influenced by winds coming from the north and low relative humidity, Cal Fire LNU said. Credit: Cal Fire LNU via Storyful

Video transcript

Oe intel 1 26 1820 23 0500 hours.

The sites incident state responsibility area, Lake Napa Snow unit 8915.44 acres.

We're looking at gravelly flat on the right shoulder.

There are essentially three fingers at the head coming around the uh first finger on to uh Bear Valley road and working our way up to Leesville gap firing operation to bring the fire back down to the road and connect the dots.

Then coming around the third finger on the right shoulder is out in front of that is huff Master Road and there is a lot of indirect a line between Huffmaster and the head of that finger and then coming up Ladoga Peak and that ridge line there is a lot of open country down into Andy's Canyon and that would be the left shoulder that we're looking at in the radical and a recording.