Six Baseball Players Named 'Valentine'

Here are six baseball players who all share their name with Valentine's Day:

Corky Valentine

Corky Valentine was a baseball player for the Cincinnati Reds. He was mainly a pitcher in the 1950s but only got to spend two of those years in the majors. He spent several other years as a valuable player in the minors, however. He is most remembered for his gruff exterior. After his career ended, he became a police officer. Valentine died in 2005.

Ellis Valentine

Ellis Valentine was a promising player for the Montreal Expos in 1977. From 1977 until 1980, the outfielder was considered a top player for the team. After an injury in 1980, however, he never quite regained his previous skills. He left Major League Baseball in 1985. In his time after baseball, he has overcome a substance abuse problem and began working with Baseball Against Drugs, a program to help kids stay away from drugs.

Bobby Valentine

Bobby Valentine is the current manager of the Boston Red Sox. He signed a two-year contract, with an additional two-year option. His hiring has been controversial in Boston due to his sometimes-questionable choices. Valentine has been a manager since the 1980s. Prior to that, he was a talented player. In the 1970s, he had a 10-year baseball career.

Fred Valentine

Fred Valentine was a baseball player who played outfield in the 1950s and 1960s. He was a unique talent who had offers from both professional baseball and professional football after he finished his college career. He was originally signed to play for the Baltimore Orioles.

Joe Valentine

Joe Valentine spent three seasons with the Cincinnati Reds. Between 2003 and 2005, he was with Major League Baseball. He is a pitcher who is currently with Rojos del Aguila de Veracruz, a Mexican team.

John Valentine

John Valentine was a pitcher and then became an umpire during the earlier years of Major League Baseball. He played for the Columbus Buckeyes in 1883. He spent the next five years as an umpire before he retired in 1888. He died in 1903 at the age of 47.