Six-year-old boy knocks himself unconscious - with a snowball

A six-year-old boy knocked himself unconscious - with a snowball. Dylan McStay was playing outside with sisters Megan, 14, and Ruby, 13, when he threw a snowball straight up into the air. A video shows the moment he watched it come back down and smash into his face - knocking him out cold on the ground. Mum Georgina McStay, 37, started laughing - until she realised he'd been knocked out, yesterday (8). Thankfully, Dylan was fine – and after a check over from his ambulance worker dad, John McStay, 41, the youngster was back to his normal self. Georgina, from Cwmbran, Wales, said: “I was working from home yesterday morning and we were snowed in, so I had all three kids at home with me. “They were nagging to go and play in the snow so at lunchtime I agree but told them to be careful. “When I said be careful, I thought he might fall over but I never for one second thought he might knock himself out with a snowball. “The kids were having a snowball fight and then came up with a game to see who could throw the snowball the highest. “He threw it up in the air and looked up to see how high it had gone, then it came down and knocked him right between the eyes, knocking him down. “I laughed at first and then realised he wasn’t moving so ran over. “He was smiling with his eyes open but he was completely cross-eyed and was unresponsive for 10 to 20 seconds so I pulled him up, brought him inside and called my husband in a panic. “When my husband came home from work he gave Dylan a good check-over and I kept an eye on him for the rest of the night. “Luckily, his hat was covering his forehead and that took the brunt of the snowball – there were no rocks in there, but it was snow and ice so it was quite heavy.”