Six Tory candidates who didn't only lose their seat but £500 as well

The results aren't easy reading for those of a Conservative persuasion
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Politics can be a brutal business. Those Tory candidates brave enough to stand on Merseyside in this general election received a powerful lesson in humility.

The region has long been a Labour stronghold and a place where the Tories have largely been rejected. Following Patrick Hurley's defeat of Damien Moore in Southport, Labour now holds the Southport seat for the very first time in its history. Labour's victory here was all encompassing, with every single seat in the region now held by the party. This has never happened before in our electoral history.

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In some parts of Merseyside, rejection of the Conservative Party went one step further. In order to stand in a UK Parliamentary election, candidates must pay a deposit of £500. If they receive 5 % of the votes cast, their deposit is returned. If their vote share falls below that, they lose their money.

There were six Merseyside constituencies where the Tory candidates lost their deposits. Hover your mouse over our interactive map to see which ones.

These are the candidates who didn't meet the threshold:

  • In Knowsley, Tory candidate Sherrie McDade got 4.2% of the vote and lost her deposit

  • In Liverpool Riverside, Tory candidate Jane Austin got 3.6% of the vote and lost her deposit

  • In Bootle, Tory candidate Rowena Bass got 4.3% of the vote and lost her deposit

  • In Liverpool Walton, Tory candidate Emma Ware got 3.5% of the vote and lost her deposit

  • In Liverpool West Derby, Tory candidate Charlotte Duthie got 4.1% of the vote and lost her deposit

  • In Liverpool Wavertree, Tory candidate Charlotte Eagar got 4.7% of the vote and lost her deposit

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