Six ways you can be overcharged at the airport - and how to save cash

Holidaymakers heading to the airport are being warned of extra charges they could face before jetting off - and how to avoid them. Many Brits are planning trips abroad, ready to escape the UK this summer.

But you could make expensive errors if you do not prepare for your time at the airport. There are some things you should think about before even booking your flight so you avoid any extra charges.

Once checked in and waiting to board your plane, there are some airport fees which could catch you out. Here's what to look out for next time you plan to go away.

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Fake parking firms

Airport parking charges can be very expensive, Mirror reports. You should do some research before booking your flight as it might be cheaper to fly from an airport further away if the parking charges are lower.

If you want to use 'meet and greet' parking options, make sure you do your research. Meet and greet is where you drop off and pick up your vehicle with a business which stores your vehicle away from the airport at a more affordable price.

There are legitimate firms offering this service - but there are many rogue operators too.

Drop off and pick-up costs

If a friend or relative drops you at the airport, be prepared so they do not get charged fees. Some airports offer free drop off and pick up spots at car parks - but only for a very short time.

After this, costs can rise very quickly. If your flight is hit with delays and your lift home is waiting outside the airport, it could become a very costly trip.

At the airport

Some airports are reporting record numbers of passengers so far this year so give yourself plenty of time to arrive, drop your bags and get through security. It is going to be busy, so if you have children take plenty of things to keep them entertained.

You could take cheap colouring books and magazines with you so you do not run into huge costs buying these at the airport. It would be handy to also take your phone or gadget charger.

Last-minute announcements about your flight tend to arrive by email or through your app. Your tickets are likely to be on your phone too so don't get caught out by a flat battery.

Most airports have charging stations but there may be a high demand for them. Don’t forget to check with your airline what batteries are allowed on your flight and in your baggage.

Shops and restaurants

You could run into lots of extra charges if you decide to shop at the airport before your flight. Be prepared by making a note of what you might need to pick up at the airport and what you can get beforehand.

The duty-free shops may have some items like alcohol which are cheaper, but others such as perfume or aftershave might actually not be much of a saving. Do your research so you know what really is a bargain.


Avoid buying or selling your currency at the airport to swerve extra charges. The rates are not always the best and the fess can be high.

If you are going to use your credit or debit cards abroad, make sure you do your research before you fly. There could be charges for commission or interest on payments made using cards.

Delays and cancellations

Sometimes the weather scuppers your flight taking off or air traffic controller strikes result in cancellations. Knowing your rights when your flight is delayed or cancelled isn’t going to change the immediate problem – but it can help to know what you’re entitled to, and how much compensation you might get.