Attention: ‘The Crown' Season 6 Part 1 Is Finally Here

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Everything You Need to Know About ‘The Crown’ S6Netflix

One of the OG prestige Netflix series is about to come to an end as The Crown is in its final season. We’ve been through three Queen Elizabeths, countless meetings with an untold number of prime ministers, and more “Nobody wants to hear what you have to say!” takedowns than we can even remember. And it’s been a wild restrained, stoic ride.

Now that Part 1 of the final season has hit the streaming platform, you're probably wondering how much of the Royals' story is left to unfold in Part 2. Ahead, find everything we know about The Crown season 6.

When will The Crown season 6 be released?

The Crown might be in its last season, but Netflix isn't letting us say goodbye that easily. The final season will premiere at the end of this year, but like many Netflix shows before it, it will be split into two parts.

In a special teaser trailer, Netflix revealed that part 1 will be released on November 16 and part 2 on December 14 making it the perfect watch during the holidays.

Here's what went down during filming...

For a while there, it seemed as though there were going to be only five seasons of the show. And there were even some truly wild rumors that it may have had something to do with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s own Netflix deal (again, there’s no confirmation of that—just speculation). But then Netflix came out and announced that there would be a sixth and final season.

The series' creator, Peter Morgan, told Deadline back in July 2020 that, “As we started to discuss the storylines for series 5, it soon became clear that in order to do justice to the richness and complexity of the story, we should go back to the original plan and do six seasons. To be clear, series 6 will not bring us any closer to present—it will simply enable us to cover the same period in greater detail.”

That makes total sense! And we also know that they are already filming season 6, because we know they paused filming to honor Queen Elizabeth after her passing. Netflix told Deadline, “As a mark of respect, filming on The Crown was suspended today. Filming will also be suspended on the day of Her Majesty the Queen’s funeral.” And the Queen passed in September 2022, so season 5 wouldn’t have been filming at that point, which means they are in production on season 6.

We’ll get some returning actors.

Most of the actors in The Crown appear for two seasons, which means that our new Queen, Prince Philip, Princess Diana, Prince Charles, etc. will all be back. So returning cast members should include the following:

  • Imelda Staunton (Queen Elizabeth)

  • Jonathan Pryce (Prince Philip)

  • Lesley Manville (Princess Margaret)

  • Dominic West (Prince Charles)

  • Elizabeth Debicki (Princess Diana)

Plus, some new faces!

In the show's fifth season, Dominic’s son played Prince William, which is super fun. But because he’s a bit younger, they replaced him for the final season with two separate actors, and they also cast Kate Middleton. Fun!

Notably, the fifth season also included way more Prince William stuff than Prince Harry stuff. Prince Harry made, like, only two appearances. So it almost seems as though, based on the casting announcement above, maybe Harry will be a very, very minimal part of the sixth season, if he’s there at all.

And Netflix already dropped some looks featuring Kate’s and Will’s actors playing them during their college years, and trust me, the casting department deserves a raise for these lookalikes!

Ed McVey and Meg Bellamy even had fun together and hit some major Will and Kate hot spots during their downtime.

And a royal wedding... 👀

Yep, on August 4, 2023, Netflix teased that the final season of The Crown is set to feature a *very* important royal wedding. Enter: King Charles and Queen Camilla, who were previously known as the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall.

“After six seasons, seven years and three casts, @TheCrownNetflix comes to an end later this year,” the show’s official account posted on Twitter X. “We’ll be back with more soon, but here's a hint at what’s to come in our final season,” they added alongside a photo of a program for the “service of prayer and dedication following the marriage of his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales and Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cornwall,” which culls real-life inspo from the actual ceremony in April 2005 at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle. In-ter-est-ing!!!

Here's what the timeframe looks like:

Each season of The Crown covers roughly a decade, and season 5 ended with Princess Diana on vacation with Mohamed Al-Fayed, which happened in 1997. It’s worth noting, though, that the show seems to be messing with the timeline a little bit because IRL that trip took place right before Diana passed away. Narratively, it feels like the show still has to do a bit of work to get us to the point of Diana’s death (morbid, sorry), so we’ll see what they do with this.

Are there any trailers?

The official trailer for the first part shows off Diana as she deals with the constant paparazzi in her life as interest in her social life continues to grow. Of course, this puts her at odds with the royal family and it all leads to the final moments of her life. You can check it out below:

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