Skateboarder Claims He Was Kicked Off Flight for His Gun-Themed Hoodie

James Tennent
Skateboarder Claims He Was Kicked Off Flight for His Gun-Themed Hoodie

A professional skateboarder has claimed that he was kicked off a Frontier Airlines flight because of a gun-themed logo on his sweatshirt.

The airline says he was “argumentative” and “disruptive” when he was asked to check a skateboard.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Wednesday that 45-year-old professional skateboarder Justin Mallory was on his way to Skater Con in Phoenix when he says he was asked to get off a flight due to the logo on his sweatshirt. The logo for Big Black Biscuit features two crossed handguns.

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A message from Newsweek to Big Black Biscuit asking for comment did not receive an immediate reply.

Mallory told WSB-TV in Atlanta that the airline told him the logo had made another passenger uncomfortable. His lawyer, Mawuli Davis added that his “hip-hop fashion” and the fact that he is African-American “may have all contributed to the discrimination and profiling against him.”

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In a statement, Frontier Airlines hit back, saying that according to their incident reports Mallory had been kicked off the flight "for being disruptive and not complying with crew member instructions.

"He became argumentative prior to boarding when asked to check a skateboard. It is Frontier's policy that skateboards are not permitted in the cabin. After eventually checking the item, the passenger boarded the aircraft and continued to exhibit disruptive behavior.

"Frontier Airlines takes the safety and security of our flights, and all our customers, seriously and it was determined that the passenger should not fly. We refunded the passenger's ticket to allow him to make other travel arrangements."

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Newsweek contacted the Davis Bozeman Law Firm for an update on any possible legal proceedings but did not receive an immediate reply.

On its Facebook page, the law firm shared details of a rally at an Atlanta skatepark “to end Frontier Airlines profiling,” which would have taken place at 6 p.m. on Wednesday.

In a video posted by Marissa Mitchell of Fox 5 Atlanta, Mallory says they’re “bringing awareness” because he was “taken off a flight for wearing a Big Black Biscuit hoodie,” adding that he was “only on the flight for two minutes, made it through TSA, made it through security, and it possibly could happen to you.”

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