Ski Resort Uses Gondola to Drop Food Into Resident Grizzly's Enclosure

A 19-year-old orphaned bear has gone viral on TikTok after staff members at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort in British Columbia were captured on video throwing food from a gondola lift to the grizzly.

Boo the bear was born in the wild but has been a resident at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort’s refuge since 2002, when his mother was shot and killed. Boo has lived alone in the resort’s dedicated 20-acre enclosure for most of that time.

Staff drop food across wide areas from the gondola lift, which they say provides enrichment as the bear gets to use his senses to find it.

“This form of delivery also allows us to drop in bigger meals such as the odd animal carcass, typically provided from local road kill,” they said. Credit: Kicking Horse Mountain Resort/Aaron McCartney via Storyful

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