Skia Watson: Four-year-old girl dies after falling into hotel swimming pool

Skia reportedly slipped and fell in the hotel pool, where there was only one life guard on duty. Source: Facebook.

A four-year-old girl has died after she fell into a swimming pool while on holiday with her family.

It is believed Skia Watson slipped and hit her head before falling into the water at a hotel in Egypt.

Skia was with her mother, Elisha, her 11-year-old sister Lystasia and cousin Mali Francis, 18 and her mother, Shelley, 43.

The family is from Bristol in the United Kingdom and was staying at the Seagull Beach Resort in Hurghada.

According to The Sun, the family lost site of the 4-year-old for a moment, then a life guard jumped into the pool to pull her out.

The family has since blamed the hotel management as there was only one lifeguard on duty to patrol the pool.

The manager of the hotel denies responsibility, saying the death was a result of Skia not being watched. Source: Facebook

Mali told The Sun the lifeguard ran around with Skia in his arms in a panicked state prior to CPR being performed.

“We lost sight of Skia for just a moment or two before she fell in but the lifeguard never saw her until it was too late” Mali told The Sun.

Seagull Beach Resort is a 4-star hotel and the manager has reportedly denied any responsibility for the death, saying Skia died because she was not being watched.

Yahoo News UK has contacted Seagull Beach Resort for comment.

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