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I regret to inform you that this $68 SKIMS dress is absolutely worth it

I’m an easily influenced person. So when my tax refund came in, I decided to use a small portion of it as a little treat for myself and buy the SKIMS Soft Lounge Slip Dress that’s been popping off on TikTok — and has inspired a zillion and one dupes.

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Because I’m short, I decided to go for the mini version of the Soft Lounge dress, which is cheaper than the maxi dress (although $68 still isn’t on the affordable side). After I hit “confirm” on my order, I immediately felt buyer’s remorse. Should I have spent that $68 on something more practical, like my wildly high NYC rent? Returning it was always an option if it wasn’t worth it.

When I first felt the SKIMS Soft Lounge fabric, I immediately felt like a newborn, swaddled in a soft blanket after waking up from a heavy, happy nap. And when I tried it on — hoo, boy. Because of the body-hugging silhouette, I imagined it would feel tight, like a true slip. Instead, it felt like a chic second skin.

So, yes, the SKIMS Soft Lounge Slip Dress is 1,000% worth it.

The slip dress is made of 91% modal and 9% spandex. The design features a fitted silhouette, front scoop neckline, fully adjustable straps and ribbed fabric.
$68 at SKIMS

Obviously, the dress is marketed for lounging, but here’s everything I’ve done in the slip dress:

  • Go on my daily Gremlin Girl Walk for silly little mental health.

  • Have the best night’s sleep of my life.

  • Clean a mountain of dirty dishes.

  • Layer it under a dirty oversized sweatshirt to grab bagels after a night out.

  • Do an extensive nighttime skin care routine.

  • Lounge, duh.

  • Attempt to organize my closet.

  • Make a truly unreal chicken noodle soup.

  • Pair it with a leather jacket for dinner with friends.

  • Write about how much I love this dress. (Yes, I’m wearing it right now.)

Basically, there’s a reason why this dress (and the other slip dresses in the SKIMS Soft Lounge family) is so popular. Peep some of the other colors in the dress below:

Honestly, an army green color looks good on everybody.
$68 at SKIMS
Oooooh, this would look great with a pair of cowboy boots.
$68 at SKIMS
If you're not into black or white, this brown is a great neutral alternative.
$68 at SKIMS

If you’re not intrigued enough to throw down $68 on this dress, there are so many good SKIMS dupes out there for way less. One of the most popular is this three-pack from Amazon:

You can snag this three-pack in five different color variations, including some with gray, nudes, white and an all-black pack.
$20 at Amazon
This $25 body-hugging ribbed slip dress is made of 93% modal and 7% spandex for that super soft feel. It comes in six different colors and sizes range from an XS to an XL.
$27 at Amazon
Available in six colors, this bodycon ribbed dress features the cutest thigh slit, making it a little more dressy for an outing.
$20 at Amazon

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