From Skins geek to Hollywood heartthrob Dev Patel is tipped to win first Bafta

Of course we all remember him as the cheeky but gawky Anwar Kharral in Skins – all lanky limbs and big eyebrows – but dayum Dev Patel is leading man hot these days. He’s still got the slightly shy and awkward thing going on but you would DEFINITELY take him home to meet your mum.

Dev, 26, is currently starring in the Harvey Weinstein produced Lion, playing Saroo – a boy who gets separated from his brother and ends up in Calcutta before being adopted by an Australian family.

It has been described as Dev’s ‘strongest performance to date’ and has received unanimous rave reviews – as well as Golden Globe and Oscar nods. But Sunday February 12 will see the London native up for Best Supporting Actor on home turf at the Baftas and here is why we think he should win it: He’s excellent at acting, obviously, he would be one of a few Asian actors to win a major Bafta gong and well, because he’s a top Brit lad done good!

So from his untrained actor days in Skins to a breakout role in Slumdog Millionaire to the big-hearted odyssey that is Lion, here’s Dev Patel through the ages.

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