Skip The Marinara And Drizzle Lemon Sauce On Cheese Ravioli

A plate of cheese ravioli and artichokes
A plate of cheese ravioli and artichokes - Michelle McGlinn/Tasting Table

Life's little pleasures can come from anywhere. If you're a lover of Italian food delight can easily be found in a plate of cheese ravioli. More often than not, this delicacy is drenched in a hearty marinara sauce, giving it a vibrant tangy taste unique to Italian cuisine. Other times, it embodies the zesty brightness of a lemon sauce that pulls you in like no other. This sauce switch makes all the difference as immaculately proven by recipe developer Michelle McGlinn's cheese ravioli with lemon-artichoke sauce recipe.

A lemon sauce showcases a citrus spark that awakens the senses the second you bite into the food. With ravioli, this magic is joined by a burst of creamy, cheesy goodness that melts decadently onto the taste buds. Hidden between the zesty notes are nuances from the accompanying ingredients like herbs, spices, and other condiments that make for an intricate flavor profile.

Unlike marinara or other tomato-based sauces, this lemon sauce doesn't make the dish feel too heavy, but instead light and elegant with a zingy touch to spark excitement. This also applies to the texture, which is thinner than marinara, but exquisitely smooth and velvety. It gives you more room to fully appreciate the ravioli and savor the pasta's tenderness.

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A Restaurant-Worthy Dish Assembled Right In Your Kitchen

A bowl of lemon sauce surrounded by garlic, parsley, and lemons
A bowl of lemon sauce surrounded by garlic, parsley, and lemons - Margouillatphotos/Getty Images

There's a world of lemon sauces to explore. Although the base flavor is similar, the accompanying ingredients add intricate nuances to the ravioli. Pasta water usually works, but using a broth or white wine will give your sauce extra depth. Butter, of course, is an all-time foolproof pairing, especially if you like a classic sweetness. A sprinkle of herbs may impart an aromatic undertone for a sophisticated taste. Grated parmesan or heavy cream introduces a tangy richness that pairs quite well with the cheese filling. Toasted nuts like pine nuts or pistachios can add a subtle nutty taste to contrast the sauce's inherent brightness.

With the sauce and cheese ravioli together, you're already set for a good time, but there's always space for diversifying the dish. A pop of green will usually do the job well. It could be anything you want, from spinach, asparagus, green peas, and artichokes to basil and mint leaves. Tying into the overall lemony tang, capers are perfect. For extra protein, seafood is the way to go. Shrimp is a common choice, but scallops, mussels, or squid are just as good.

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