Skoda geofencing tech helps parents keep track when car-sharing with kids

By Jack Evans

Parents who share a car with their children will be able to keep track of their whereabouts thanks to new geofencing technology from Skoda.

With over half of 17-24-year olds said by the Czech firm to rely financially on their parents to keep them driving once they’ve passed their test, car sharing is often a practice employed by many families as a cost-effective solution.

However, for those parents not wanting their children from straying too far in the family vehicle, new geofencing technology could prove invaluable. Owners can set a green area on a map that they want their kids to stay within; should they stray out of it, parents will get a smartphone notification via an app.

Likewise, owners can set a red area in which they don’t want children to enter at all.

The geofencing service can also be set to only active on certain days and at certain times, and multiple areas can be monitored at one time. In fact, parents are able to set up to four area notifications at one time.

It’s all available via the Skoda Connect app, which includes other features such as the ability to check car fuel levels remotely or checking to see whether it has been left unlocked. It can even check a smartphone calendar and notify the user when they need to leave for an appointment based on real-time traffic information.