Taking the plunge: Brave boyfriend proposes at 10,000ft during skydive

This newly-engaged couple took the plunge in unique style - after the daredevil boyfriend proposed during a skydive.

Ashley Emory took part in the daring skydive with her boyfriend Robin Pietschmann over Michigan, when the groom-to-be pulled out a special surprise.

Robin had a special proposal message stitched into his jacket, which he revealed before popping the ring on Ashley's finger at 10,000ft.

Brave boyfriend Robin had avoided potential disaster with the ring by attaching it to a thread on his jacket to make sure it wasn't dropped.

Robin, from Michigan, said: 'Pretty much from month one, I knew that if I was going to marry this girl, I was going to ask while skydiving.

'I had a message hidden in my sleeves, which I put on on the plane, so she had no idea what was happening until right before we exited.

'I told her to change the plans and to just hold on to my grips and I'll do the rest.

'When we got together I slowly started unzipping them one by one, and it showed her the message.

'All my friends had said it's a great idea, but that I shouldn't give her the ring in freefall, but I really wanted to do that because I wanted it to be unique.

'When she started shaking her head it was to say, "Do not give me the ring in freefall".

'She said yes to the marriage, but the ring was velcroed onto my sleeve and I just ripped it off.

Ashley added: 'As soon as he unzipped 'Ashley', and then, 'I love you', I know what was happening.

'As soon as he started reaching for the ring I was freaking out… and thinking, "I don't want that thing to fall".

'I want to wear a nice pretty dress, not my skydiving suit at a wedding.'