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Grand Prize Winner

Mont Saint Michel – The grand prize winner in the Photo Category Deryk Baumgartner used his Mavic Pro to capture the sun-bathed monastery rising out of fog, framed by the ribbons of water on Mont Saint Michel in northern France. “I was sitting on a rock fighting with stubborn wind and thick rain for the whole morning. The sun came up when I was just about to stand up and go home,” Baumgartner said. “This photo tells a simple story of you and me. Stick to it for a little longer in life when you are just about to fold, the silver lining would often unveil itself.” Source: SkyPixel/Deryk Baumgartner

Sky's the limit: Hungry hippos and twisting towers among aerial photography contest winners

From majestic monasteries to vast landscapes and jaw-dropping scenery, these stunning aerial images show the beauty of our world from above.

The awe-inspiring bird’s eye images are part of SkyPixel’s ‘Aerial Storytelling Contest 2018’.

The contest, co-organised with drone manufacturer DJI, attracted more than 30,000 entries from photographers, videographers, aerial enthusiasts and content creators in 141 countries.

In addition to the Grand Prize Winners, there were also first, second and third prizes in the travel, sports, urban life, nature and creativity categories.

From a football match on Lofoten islands to morning prayer in Bagan, the successful submissions captured amazing stories that took place in different parts of the globe.

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