‘Sleeping giant’ of digital eco security is critical issue for G7 leaders, says former Blair advisor

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World leaders have touched down on British soil for this year's G7 summit in Cornwall. They’ll iron out a Covid response and the big geopolitical, cybersecurity, and eco challenges of the year ahead.

We spoke to Nick Mabey, chief executive of climate change think tank E3G, about the challenges of convincing China to cut its reliance on coal, and addressing the 'sleeping giant' of eco infrastructure cybersecurity following the Colonial Pipeline hack.

The firm responsible for a widespread internet outage is apologising for the disruption.

Fastly, the cloud-computing company responsible for the issues, says an “undiscovered software bug” was triggered when one of its customers changed their settings.

The European Union Agency for Cybersecurity says there were over 300 serious breaches by gangs in what it describes as “critical sectors” as many countries were in lockdown.

The agency says there was nearly a 50 per cent increase in attacks targeting hospitals and surgeries as doctors battled against a surge of Covid-19 cases.

Biden withdraws Trump-era executive orders that would have banned new downloads of China’s TikTok and WeChat, plus causing confusion: a herd of elephants went against nature and travelled in the wrong direction. Why?

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