Sleepwalking six-year-old boy paces around “haunted” home before a ghost whispers “no” at him

This disturbing footage shows a sleepwalking six-year-old boy pacing around a “haunted” home before a ghost whispers “no” at him, his shocked mum claims.

Lauren Roth, 30, who filmed the creepy video of her son Caileb, said her rented family home has been plagued by a paranormal spirit since they moved in last November.

The beautician has documented several instances of unexplained activity, including guests feeling like they’re being throttled and her kids spotting men in their mirrors.

She also claims to have woken up with bruises down her legs and has filmed the bathroom lights regularly turning on and off without warning.

But last January, after she’d been warned by a local medium to stay clear of the property, she watched on in horror as her sleepwalking son had an intense nightmare.

Lauren said the paranormal activity left her traumatised and has forced the family to flee the home in Middlesborough, North Yorks.

She said: “I had put my son to bed around 8 pm. My husband had gone back to work, and I had fallen asleep on the sofa.

“When I woke up, my son was sitting just looking at me, and he had a black bin bag in his hand - he had sleepwalked into the kitchen.

“I put him back to bed and came back downstairs. I was watching something on the TV, but then I heard him shouting and screaming.

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