Sleepy Wombat Embraces His Inner Couch Potato

A wombat at a sanctuary in Flaxley, South Australia, enjoyed a nice doze on the refuge’s sofa with a koala teddy for company.

Brigitte Stevens filmed the male wombat, named Noah, as he went full couch potato at the Wombat Awareness Organization’s sanctuary.

“This is Noah, he is one of our dominant males. He is a very dignified chap and would be so embarrassed that I caught him sleeping in on the lounge!” the WAO’s Facebook caption for the video read.

“These wombats were unable to be released back into the wild,” Stevens explained. “They live in a sanctuary belonging to Wombat Awareness Organisation, which is a sanctuary for unreleased wombats. It is also the only free-range wombat sanctuary, meaning that wombats are free to choose how they live here, whether it be inside on the lounge, or out in their burrows.” Credit: Wombat Awareness Organization via Storyful

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