Slithering green snake sparks panic inside hospital in Thailand

A snake sparked panic after it was found slithering among seats inside a hospital in Thailand. The tiny green serpent was caught hiding behind a leather chair on the seventh floor of the Trang Hospital Center in Trang province on September 18. Nurse Wilaiporn Song Muang, 40, said she was on duty at the time when she and her friend encountered the reptile crawling across the floor. The nurses tried to catch it themselves, but the elusive reptile foiled their attempts, prompting them to call a security guard for help. Wilaiporn said: "It was so shocking because the snake was found on the seventh floor. It may have climbed up the fire escape. Luckily, we found it in time before it could bite anyone". Footage shows the guard pulling the leather furniture away from the waiting area to ferret out the snake. After finding it coiled next to the wall, he then pins its head down with a broom before grabbing it barehanded by the neck. The creature was later released into the greenery outside the building.