Slithering Surprise: Snake Gets Stuck Under Floor of Virginia Beach Car

Wildlife expert JB Bean was called to remove a snake that was stuck inside a vehicle in Virginia Beach, Virginia, on August 26.

Joanna Wauhop, owner of ZooPro Wildlife Removal, received a call from a distressed man saying he needed help removing his recently purchased red-tailed boa constrictor, which was stuck in his vehicle.

Wauhop and JB Bean were up to the task; they told the man to come to the ZooPro home office, and immediately got to work. Wauhop told Storyful, “the owner had taken the car to a local Ford dealership, where they tried to get the snake out for four hours unsuccessfully. We retrieved it in about 20 minutes.”

Wauhop recorded as Bean removed the snake from the floor of the car, lightly tapping on it to encourage the snake to keep slithering out of the vehicle. Bean can be seen trying to get the snake to slither up his arm and down his back, as Wauhop exclaims, “Whoa, that’s a big one, too! She was tucked in there good!”

After successfully removing the reptile, Bean handed it back to its new owner and explained, “Some of her scales might be messed up. She might be a bit pissed off,” but her owner was all smiles seeing that his new pet was safe and sound. Credit: Joanna Wauhop via Storyful