Slovak PM Fico claims life in Kyiv 'absolutely normal' as Russian missiles hit city

Robert Fico
Robert Fico

Following Russia’s missile attack on Kyiv on Jan. 23, Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico stated that life in the Ukrainian capital was “absolutely normal,” Reuters reported on the same day.

Journalists asked Fico if he would travel to Kyiv to better understand Russia's war against Ukraine.

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“You seriously think there is war in Kyiv?” he responded.

“You are joking, please, I hope you are not being serious. Go there and you will find out there is normal life in the city, absolutely normal life.”

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He went on do describe the war in Ukraine as a “localized” conflict.

Slovak Foreign Minister Juraj Blanar, commenting on Fico's statement, said that the Slovakia supports Ukraine.

“Somebody is trying to distort our position as the Slovak Republic,” said Blanar.

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“We unequivocally support Ukraine as a democratic country, which should remain intact within its internationally recognized borders. That is our clear position.”

On Jan. 23, Russia attacked Ukraine with 41 cruise and ballistic missiles, injuring 22 people in Kyiv alone.

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